Oh look, a bandwagon *jump*

So over on the GitP forums I got into a thread talking about what people wanted from the next edition of D&D. Glib comments about me not really wanting to play D&D any more aside, someone mentioned wanting characters to have things to do in combat and things to do out of combat, without having to choose between them.

And that got me to thinking.

D&D 3.5 has a set of rules for gestalting – taking two classes instead of one. (This always seemed needlessly powergamey and complicated to me but one man’s poison, etc.)

Rift (the MMO) has a system where a character can adopt three ‘souls’, each giving them a specific niche set of powers – my cleric, for example, has a soul that gives her tanking powers, one that increases her damage output, and one for single-target heals.

Vanguard (an older MMO) had a system where each character had their regular MMO fightin’-type powers and a separate track of social powers.

And now that I think about it, all MMOs track crafting abilities and combat abilities separately.

So! I thought about creating a d20 system with gestalt as standard, with a ‘combat class’ on one side and a ‘utility class’ on the other. I sat down and made a few notes, had a few thoughts, and 90 minutes later I’d sketched out about a dozen classes, some new feats, better skill use and a magic system closer to 3.5 psionics.

And now I figure I should finish it off, I suppose. I mean, everyone else and their mother are making a d20 revamp so I might as well give it a shot too. When it’s done, I’ll add it to the downloads section on the right. I may or may not post updates here or elsewhere.

Specificity? What’s that?

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