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As usual, when I haven’t posted in a while I’ve got a lot of roleplaying-related stuff to talk about which I will now reduce to bullet-points because I still don’t really have time to go into detail.

  • I got absolutely battered as Austria (see previous post). Out of the game by the end of ’02. I made a lot of mistakes, but the definitive one was trusting Italy – which kind of annoys me, because it feels a lot like luck. I could have trusted Italy or Turkey and I chose wrong, but I’m not sure how the hell I was supposed to know that in advance.
  • I did manage to win a different game as France, but that was more because the guy playing the English was a steaming idiot and I rolled him up without even trying. It felt a little like cheating, to be honest. =/
  • Marvel Heroic Roleplaying has superseded Mutants and Masterminds as my superhero RPG of choice. It’s flawed, make no mistake, and the core book is a tangled mess of bad terminology and confusing cross-references, but it’s fast-moving and handles superheroics well. It’s also spectacularly easy to overcome most of its flaws because of the semi-freeform nature of character generation.
  • I’ve gained a new appreciation for D&D 4e, having read The Slaying Stone – which is the ‘level 1 module’ that should have been released with the game, rather than the fairly shitty Keep on the Shadowfell – and found the perfect genre for it: Xcrawl. Loosely speaking, Xcrawl is what would happen if D&D was repurposed into a spectator bloodsport in approximately modern times. Part Running Man, part X Factor. It was originally written for 3.5, but 4e is just a brilliant fit for it. It’s also suitable for a drop-in game, which has its advantages in this complex modern world of adulthood and shifting commitments.
  • Tomorrow is the very last session of Corporation, the LARP I’ve been joint running for the last eight weeks. It’s been fun at times, but by God I’m glad it’s almost over. I want my free time back.
  • I intend to fill at least a little of my newly vacant free time by staging another run of Fatescape. This time I plan to convert The Shackled City, which upon my recent re-reading is chock full of interesting NPCs for the characters to interact with. It’s got a lot of fighting in, but not quite so much as Rise of the Runelords (which was my original plan for a test run) and it wins out in terms of ‘other things to do’.
  • I recently bought and played through Diablo 3, meaning I spent the Jubilee weekend doing something that rhymes with Jubilee, at least. My girlfriend – who is not a gamer beyond the occasional venture into PopCap games – saw me playing, asked some questions, and has now logged more hours on it than I have. Just as planned… =3
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