Gaming Stuff

On occasion, people pay me to write gaming stuff:

On Silver Wings, an adventure for the Witch Hunter game.

Four rituals for Azagar’s Book of Rituals, for 4e D&D.

One of the bonus adventures in the complete War of the Burning Sky campaign, for D&D 3.5. Although come to think of it, I never got paid for that one. ūüėź

Purple Mountain Level 10, for Pathfinder. (At editing and layout.)

Crimson Caves, for Pathfinder (level 1 characters).

Three of the Gods of Porphyra, for Pathfinder.

Four of the Lands of Porphyra. (At editing and layout.)

And on other occasions, I write gaming stuff for free:

Fatescape, a system based on FATE which is meant to emulate the D&D feel without being as mind-bendingly complex as 3.x or as combat-focused as 4e.

Exalted Mass Combat Rules to replace the official ones, since the official ones suck balls. (Maybe one day I’ll redo the Mandate of Heaven rules as well, although that seems totally pointless.)

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One thought on “Gaming Stuff

  1. I’ve played some of your stuff!
    You’re Awesome!

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