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Dungeon World

I’ve been reading a lot of Dungeon World recently, and playing a bit of it on the internet. It purports to be a new-school system which generates an old-school experience, which I think is a pretty fair assessment. It’s definitely really good.

The other day I had an idea for a ‘tattooed monk’ sort of class and wrote it up – it became something very different in the writing, but I like how it panned out. So here! Have some content:

Compendium Class: Painted Brother

When you go through the initiation rites of the Painted Brotherhood, you may take this move when you level up:

Implacable Strength of the Earth

When you touch your initiation tattoo and call upon your inner strength, roll +Wis. On a 10+ hold 3, on a 7-9 hold 1. Spend hold 1-for-1 to:

  • Enchant your body for one hour to fight unarmed as if wielding a powerful magic weapon.
  • Enchant your body for one hour to gain an armour of 2.
  • Enhance one unarmed attack to do +1d4 damage.
  • Recharge one of your other magic tattoos.

When the sun rises or sets, all your magic tattoos recharge.

Once you’ve taken “Implacable Strength of the Earth”, the following moves count as class moves for you. In addition to your normal list of moves, you may choose from this list when you level up:

Burning Hatred of the Flame

When you touch your fiery tattoo and shout your hatred for your enemy, roll +Wis. On a 7-9 choose 1; on a 10+ choose 2.

  • Your shouting does not attract unwanted attention.
  • Your next unarmed attack against your hated enemy¬†gains Piercing 2.
  • Something precious to your hated enemy bursts into flames.

Ever-changing Nature of Water

When you touch your oceanic tattoo and seek insight, roll +Wis. On a 10+ you take +1 forward to your next Spout Lore or Discern Realities roll. On a 7-9 you take +1 forward to one and -1 forward to the other.

Favour of the Air

When you touch your winged tattoo and take a leap that no normal person could make, roll +Wis. On a 10+ you make it. On a 7-9 you make it, but lose something on the way.

Perfect Bastion of the Self

When your mind is assaulted, touch your enchained tattoo and roll +Wis. On a 10+ you remain untouched by the mental attack. On a 7-9 you still resist the attack but it takes a moment of concentration: an enemy can make an attack against you while you’re distracted.

Empty Heart of the Void

When you touch your silhouette tattoo and tell the world that there is no one here, roll +Wis. On a 10+ you cease to exist for a few moments, returning to the world close to where you left it. On a 7-9 you still cease to exist but when you return a creature of the void returns with you: it may not be immediately obvious, but its instinct is to return you to the nonexistence you flaunted.

Bonus Content! The map so far for the DW PbP game I’m running:

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