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Fatescape 2.0!

Well, Fatescape 2.0 alpha – it’s still not complete, as you’ll notice if you actually read the thing (see if you can spot all the places where I went ‘argleblargle’ into the text in lieu of actual content).

Anyway, having completely overhauled the magic system and slightly overhauled the equipment system it is now ready for a second round of testing.¬†I think I’ll try to run the Rise of the Runelords adventure path with it, since one of the stated design goals for that series was to include all the iconic elements of D&D: goblins, ogres, giants, dragons, evil archmages, a brief jaunt to another plane, and so on. If Fatescape can cope with all that and still be a fun, fast-moving game then I’ll be very pleased.

I’m also interested in having someone else try running it, with a group that I’m not in. One of my friends seemed interested so I’ll maybe nudge him and see if he’s ready to start another Planescape game – only this time I’ll not play in it, so I can get the feedback of a group of people who don’t have me to explain the rules to them as they go. I find house rules naturally form in that sort of situation, papering over the cracks where the game itself doesn’t quite reach, and I’m interested in swiping any good ones for myself.

(If you’re interested in giving it a go, feel free: here’s a handy link.)

Other News

I picked up a copy of a game called Microscope, which is an innovative take on a collaborative storytelling game that involves creating the whole of history, then zooming in on the bits that interest you and playing out no more than one scene at a time. I like it, but I can see it joining the ever-growing list of games to file under ‘neat idea, will never have the chance to play’.

It would probably be an excellent tool for collaborative world-building a la Burning Wheel, or if I was going to start a D&D (or Fatescape!) game without a predetermined setting – so perhaps I’ll get to use it that way in future – but as a game it feels¬†lacking. Plus right now all the games I want to run – Fatescape RotR, Nobilis, Everway, Rogue Trader, Black Crusade – have settings built right in.

I think Microscope would also play very well online, with a few minor adjustments, but it’s still less a game and more a tool for enabling gaming later on. I dunno. I’d love to give it a try, in any case.

Other Other News

Doing a little more RPG writing for Purple Duck – Mark seems happy with my output even if I can’t stat up a Pathfinder monster to save my life.

A friend of mine sold me on the WH40K roleplaying games, especially Rogue Trader and Black Crusade. I also quite like Dark Heresy. Deathwatch, while more interesting than I thought it would be, still seems pretty boring.

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