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I love Planescape. I make no secret of this; I’ve got almost a complete collection of the original material and I’ve committed most of it to memory by now. Whenever I run games, the planes always intrude sooner or later. So, a couple of years ago I was thinking of running a Planescape game but I hit a bit of a snag: no version of D&D I know seems up to the job.

FATE, on the other hand, offers immensely flexible character creation (hooray for aspects), an integrated system for social shenanigans, characters who can be capable without being overpowered, and the ability to prep four sessions’ worth of adventure in about three hours.

So I took Spirit of the Century – the only FATE game I had access to at the time – and added enough D&D flavour to it that you could run Planescape with it: alignment (in the form of aspects), levels (an arbitrary measure of power), a reshuffled skill list, a more granular equipment system and a magic system that better reflects how D&D works.

And the result is Fatescape. You can see a link to it on the right-hand side.

It’s not quite finished yet – quite apart from the typesetting elements and writing that still needs doing, the magic system needs an overhaul and the healing mechanics have been changed based on playtest feedback but not yet incorporated into the pdf.

I feel here is an appropriate place to mention the existence of Strands of Fate, a generic FATE-inspired game that’s supposed to be able to simulate any kind of game with the basic FATE engine. When I started writing Fatescape, Strands of Fate didn’t exist; now it does I still think Fatescape is better for D&D emulation*.

Also, Fatescape is free. Freeeeee.

*If I ever run Exalted again, though? Totally doing a SoF conversion.

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