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Go Go Gadget Nostalgia

Last night I happened to download some of the old roleplaying material I’d chucked into online storage back in 2008 in case my hard drive died (which it did). I find it quite reassuring to plough through old stuff I’ve written – most of it was pretty good, although a few turns of phrase here and there could use some work and the game mechanical elements vary from ‘acceptable’ to ‘man what’; by and large it’s nice to discover that the stuff I wrote all those years ago was as good as I thought it was at the time.

Principle among the documents I recovered was ‘RuneQuest Reloaded’, something which originated as an alternative system for rune magic in RuneQuest – replacing the ‘attune rune, learn spells’ system with power trees associated with each rune – and quickly burst its banks to become a sprawling reworking of the core rules with an integral setting.

What surprised me was that RQRL (even in its current incomplete state) ran to some 25,000 words – which is a lot of words for something which is still primarily new spells! I didn’t realise I’d written that much. It certainly didn’t feel like 25,000 words when I wrote it; I just knocked out a rune every couple of days and voila. Now that I have it, though, it seems like a shame to bin all that work. Mongoose have since lost the RQ licence, but the rules they wrote remain as a game called (for now) Legend – perhaps I can cannibalise RQRL for that.

So I suppose that’s another thing to add to the queue of gaming projects, right behind my d20 revision and Fight! – a game based on the 2007-2008 game Thrash, intended to simulate the storylines (and combat) of fighting games and battle anime. Since the creator of Thrash was kind enough to release it under a Creative Commons licence, I can cheerfully co-opt all his hard work and bury it under a deluge of new material.

I can also play BlazBlue until my brain melts and leaks out of my ears, and call it research. Which is nice.

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